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Our 7 Year Journey to Becoming One of the
Top SEO Agencies in the United States

If I had the knowledge I have now back in 2010, I would have saved the family dry cleaning business from bankruptcy after a series of unfortunate events…

Discovering almost $500,000 in fraud, tangled up with the Korean mafia, and FBI sting operations…

My father was sitting on a broken business picking up the pieces his unscrupulous partners left behind in their wake.

Our service was amazing, we had the best price in town by far, and our location was excellent. But try as we might, it was extremely difficult to predictably acquire new customers and scale our marketing efforts.

My dad was too busy trying to put out fires, catch up on bills, find quality employees, repair broken machines, and stretch the budget across slow seasons.

We knew we had to do something more to market the business, so we researched and tried everything we could think of.

I knew a little bit about social media marketing but if you’ve ever tried using free Facebook strategies to grow a local business you know that the amount of time invested is rarely worth the ROI.

We couldn’t do Groupon because we were already the best price in town. (plus, Groupon tends to attract a lot of cheap people who create more problems than they’re worth)

Traditional networking groups like BNI or the local chamber of commerce were a bust because the people we needed to meet weren’t there.

We tried paid advertising through Google Adwords and it felt like we were just flushing money down the drain (and had no real way to easily track which customers came from Adwords campaigns versus something else)

The list goes on.

Within just two years we became a part of the 60% failure rate of small businesses in their first three years of operation.

Looking back there were so many things we knew that we could have done better to save that business. But really, when it came down to it, it all came back to one thing:

Our biggest problem was that we did not have an effective, proven, and scalable advertising method that we could depend on to attract new customers.

Fast forward 8 years to today…

I’ve done it all. Social media, Facebook PPC, video marketing, Google PPC, SEO, email, blogging - everything.

And I’ve successfully done it across dozens of industries, with all sorts of business models including: local brick and mortar, E-commerce, coaching & consulting, network marketing, affiliate marketing, and digital products.

Because of my work and dedication to my online community I’ve given inspiring talks at TEDx, been featured several times in the Huffington Post, appeared on top-rated iTunes Podcasts, and spoken on stages across the country teaching marketing and entrepreneurship to thousands of people at a time.

To this day, an effective search engine optimization campaign beats the pants off of everything I’ve ever done for my companies, and for my clients.

And we’ve only gotten better over the last few years, focusing in on just this one marketing channel and becoming the absolute best. We’re part of a few world-class SEO invite-only masterminds allowing us to stay relevant, ahead of the curve, and using methods that stand the test of time.

Not every business is a fit for SEO, but for the businesses that are, it’s completely transformational. No other advertising channel is as dependable, predictable, and delivers results long after the campaign is complete.

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Our 5 Step Process to Virtually Guarantee Rankings and Boatloads of Free Qualified Website Traffic

There’s a reason Digital Harvest has so many positive testimonials. It’s because the process behind our SEO services are sound, proven, and produce incredible results. Here’s just a little insight into what every successful campaign looks like.

1. Is SEO the Right Strategy for Your Business?

We (unfortunately) know of a lot of advertising agencies that are willing to convince and persuade unknowing business owners that their method of advertising is the best or only game in town. And they’ll do it even if they know that there’s a better marketing channel for their prospect.

Most clients start their journey with us after a quick phone call to see if their business is a good fit for our agency. We know from experience that certain industries do better than others with an SEO campaign. And we won’t work with anyone that we’re not 100% positive that SEO is the best fit for their marketing dollars today.

We have dozens of trusted referral partners that we send business to regularly for prospects that don’t meet our criteria, or simply aren’t a great fit for SEO.

2. SEO, Website, and Feasibility Analysis

Much like a doctor cannot properly diagnose a patient without seeing them in person and running a few tests - we work the same way in order to best serve our clients.

Once we’ve established that SEO is a viable channel worth exploring for your business, we’ll collect some information about your business via our discovery form process. Then, we’ll spend several hours looking at your website, the competition, and opportunities in your market.

We’ll pull everything together in a custom report and video analysis for your business and meet to discuss.

This is where we’ll be able to determine the full viability of an SEO campaign and determine if the projected ROI makes sense for your business. If it doesn’t, we’ll stop there and part ways. If it does, we’ll start putting together a timeline for search domination.

Avram is a no-nonsense kind of guy who refuses to work with people who aren’t aligned with his high standards for integrity and transparency in business. I like that. It’s not every day you meet someone who gets so invested in the success of their clients. Talk to Avram for even a few minutes and you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Aurore Jones

Talk to enough SEO agencies and you’ll find they all have a different opinion about how to accomplish the goal of ranking a site - there’s a lot of pride and most are interested in proving how wrong everyone else is. Avram is totally different. He’s humble, down to earth, and 100% focused on getting a solid ROI for his clients.

Andrew Jacobsen

Sure, Avram is an incredible SEO - he’s constantly innovating, ahead of the curve, and providing mind-blowing results for his clients. But more than that, he’s an all-around marketing rockstar with almost a decade of experience across several different industries that he brings to each and every client.

Anthony Brown

3. Mapping Out the Strategy

With your completed SEO Analysis in hand, we’ll meet via phone and work together to put together a proper SEO strategy for your business that meets both the short-term and long-term goals of your company.

Most campaigns last an average of 12 months to reach full optimization, and create a never-ending stream of customers coming through your site for the foreseeable future.

Because of our experience, and sole focus on SEO as the only advertising channel we deploy, we’re able to tell from the beginning exactly how long it will take, how much it will cost, and what the ROI will be for the campaign.

When you see the data behind our research, and hear about what we’ll do to get you there, you’ll start to realize just how powerfully transformative SEO will be for your business.

Avram is one of the go-to experts in the SEO industry because he’s constantly in the trenches working alongside his team on every single client campaign. What he does for his clients is nothing short of transformational. Want to know how to dominate your competition in the search engines? Simple. Hire Avram.

Bryce Coffey

Avram is one of those who stays up to date on on the latest SEO practices. If I ever want to double-check the trends I'm seeing, I can always reach out to Avram to compare notes. I always appreciate his depth of knowledge and the data he works with.

Quinton Hamp

SEO is a highly technical and somewhat complicated subject for the average business person to wrap their head around. Avram acknowledges this and makes everything easy to understand which is kind of rare in this industry. You’ll rest easy knowing Avram and his team are handling your marketing while you take care of business and do your thing!

Bruce Paulson

4. Cleanup and Fortifying the Foundation

If you’ve tried doing the SEO yourself, or hired another firm in the past that didn’t cut the mustard - there’s a good chance your site has been handicapped or penalized in some way.

That’s not your fault. There’s a lot of misinformation out there, and to be honest, there’s parts of this industry that are incredibly technical and complicated.

Our first step in every campaign is to clean up any messes, penalties, or current issues with the client site. Then, we get to work on fortifying the existing digital assets and creating new ones in order to build a strong foundation.

This is where a lot of SEO companies and do it yourselfers go wrong (because they just don’t know!) Without the proper foundation, everything you build on top is like a house of cards which could tumble at any moment.

When you do it the way that we do it, your website will stand the test of time for years to come - and it will exponentialize the effectiveness of the rest of the campaign.

5. Build, Measure, Scale

We combine experience and intuition, with hard measurable data to hit our targets every time. If you’ve been in business for any amount of time you know that things do not always go as planned!

Throughout the duration of your campaign we closely monitor the effects of our link building and outreach activities to make sure we’re on pace.

Sometimes the data informs us that it’s time to slow down take it easy, other times we’re informed that we can be more aggressive in our efforts.

The point is, it’s a delicate dance. One that we know extremely well and that experience has shown that truly sets us apart.

We persist until the campaign is complete and every promise we’ve made is fulfilled and exceeds expectations.